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Who are three of your favorite TV characters? (a revealing speedy-kwik quiz) – SCN Encourager

Warning – this quiz has a punchline that stings! Ouch! This exercise hurts. Maybe you won’t be affected in the same way. Let’s find out. Imagine you are attending a “relationship building” workshop. Not a marriage or emotional touchie-feelie one. But rather one geared toward “customer retention” for organizations. (Yeah, I know I need both……

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Oops! Here’s a 21st century skill you’re probably “underteaching.” – SCN Encourager

As if preparing your students in the core 21st century skills in your schools wasn’t enough! But… it isn’t. Sorry. For sure, the core 21st century skills already contained in our curriculum and in our instruction are essential. They’re rock-solid. And our students need to experience success in:  •  critical thinking •  problem-solving •  collaboration…

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