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The chart’s complete. The “100 words or less” challenge is over. – SCN Encourager

TGIF definitely has new meaning for me. This week was rough. Attempting to compose five consecutive Encouragers that are both brief and effective in under 100 words was stressful. Even my (now copyrighted) School PR 101 chart could only get me so far. And boy, a few of you weren’t much help at all – By giving your ideas about what to include on my chart. Sharing “must-haves”…

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Just cruising along on my “100 words or less” challenge (Day 3) – SCN Encourager

I’m totally on auto-pilot thanks to my trusty “School PR 101” chart. It’s almost official. Start preparing to tell your friends you’ve now seen everything. Much like Cindy, you too probably doubted my ability to compose a brief and effective email message in 100 words or less for five consecutive days. Oh, ye of little faith… Well, watch and marvel……

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