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Do you like to “think big?” If you do, you’re probably a bully. – SCN Encourager

Hey! I’m just pointing out the label psychologists are already sticking on you. They’re performing the research. Not me. I’m on your side, remember? I’m just passing along my speedy-kwik summary of their intriguing conclusions to you because… I care. I’ve chopped up my summary into five distinct phases. Here goes. Phase 1  – What it means for you to be a big thinker…

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1 diagram. 5 totally different ways of problem-solving. – SCN Encourager

I’m proud we promote entrepreneurial mindsets in our schools. Oh, you didn’t know you did? Well, if you’re expanding ways to anchor instruction in – project-based learning,  solution pursuing,  creative thinking, risk taking, team collaborating, and communicating,  you’re building entrepreneurial mindsets. Bobby Umar is a Toronto-based personal branding and “heart connection” leadership expert. I appreciate his insights about marketing……

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