Do you like to “think big?” If you do, you’re probably a bully. – SCN Encourager

Hey! I’m just pointing out the label psychologists are already sticking on you.

Bully at 12.46.15 PMThey’re performing the research.

Not me.

I’m on your side, remember?

I’m just passing along my speedy-kwik summary of their intriguing conclusions to you because… I care.

I’ve chopped up my summary into five distinct phases.

Here goes.

Phase 1  – What it means for you to be a big thinker
You’re a visionary. You think big picture and you think long-term. No one will ever mistake you as a defender of the status quo. You’ve got imagination and you want to see grand things done.

Phase 2 – Big thinkers love big goals
As a big picture visionary, you consistently set big goals. This only makes sense. Your big goals, though, will require NEW habits, attitudes, processes, and teamwork. But every big vision comes with a hefty price, right? You’ve known this forever.

Phase 3 – A big problem comes with those big goals
As a big goal-setter, you have the tendency (like nearly everyone else on the planet) to drastically overestimate how easy it’ll be to successfully bring your NEW habits, attitudes, processes, and teamwork on board. Even with a super-dooper vision and clear goals, it never takes the real-world very long to gum up the works. Soon your journey – the one born out of your big thinking – will be sprinkled with assorted struggles and obstacles all along the way. There’s no getting around it.

Phase 4 – A big bully will tap you on the shoulder whenever you’re struggling

Breaking news.. life happens and it’s not fair. Because of this, you’ll inevitably find yourself in the midst of unanticipated struggles and obstacles. That’s just the way it is. The bigger your thinking… the more unanticipated surprises there will be. Whether you call these unanticipated surprises opportunities or challenges is up to you. But the fact remains, it is exactly when you are in the midst of a serious situation, a big bad bully will show up. And beware. This big bad bully is always prepped and ready to beat you up (again!).

Phase 5 – You can’t flee from this big bully

Unfortunately, this big bully knows from past experience how to tear into your deepest fears and doubts. It’s also unfortunate the big bully who is doing this just happens to be YOU. This shouldn’t be shocking. Big thoughts are always tied to high expectations, and those high expectations are never immune from the ebb and flow of daily life. You’ll have your good moments. You’ll have your bad moments. And then, whenever you’re in a low point, the odds are good you’ll start BULLYING YOURSELF with inner putdowns like –
“I never should’ve taken this path.”
“Who did I think I was to even try this?”
“Why did I poke this tiger in the first place?”
“Now people will think I’m a fool.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.15.46 PMSo what more can I say?

Isn’t it obvious?
Big thinkers are often their own worst bullies.

The remedy seems simple enough, though:
If someone is exactly your size and kinda looks like you, be extra kind.

That someone is probably YOU.

Now, this advice doesn’t apply to me.

I’m not a big thinker.

I’m more along the lines of a non-thinker.

This means my inner bully is practically as goofy as I am.

We’re evenly matched.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



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