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Were your grandparents optimists or pessimists? – SCN Encourager

The fact that you are “up and about” answers this one. According to futurist David Zach, we’re both walking, talking, real-world proof that our ancestors consistently looked ahead to the future with hope in their hearts. I do think that if Zach knew my grandparents, he’d be forced to acknowledge that the power of prayer and keeping one’s “fingers…

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What’s at the core of a turnaround? – SCN Encourager

A great college football coach breaks it down. And not just any coach – this is a coach with deep roots in our state. Butch Jones is 46. He was born in Saugatuck, MI, which located about 10-12 miles away from my own school district’s southern border. Both Saugatuck and Holland Public are members of the Ottawa Area…

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The big “so what” about Tech Tip Tuesday – SCN Encourager

A lesson from mingling with WordPress developers and designers I attended WordCamp–Grand Rapids last Saturday. It’s a conference geared for WordPress developers, website designers, and coders. If you’re wondering why I signed up for this event – so did my wife. I’m none of these things, obviously. But with the Tigers mired in a slump, I figured what the heck? It can’t…

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