The big “so what” about Tech Tip Tuesday – SCN Encourager

A lesson from mingling with WordPress developers and designers

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 10.40.39 AMI attended WordCamp–Grand Rapids last Saturday.

It’s a conference geared for WordPress developers, website designers, and coders.

If you’re wondering why I signed up for this event – so did my wife.

I’m none of these things, obviously.

But with the Tigers mired in a slump, I figured what the heck?

It can’t hurt to keep learning new things and new ways.

But it did sting a little, I’ll tell you that.

When you’re one of the oldest people at a conference full of tech-savvy go-getters, you’ve really got to concentrate.


But the opening remarks from successful California entrepreneur and business start-up specialist Chris Lema made the pain involved with my attempt at lifelong learning worthwhile.

Imagine sitting in an auditorium with about 120 other people while a self-professed tech geek steps onto the stage and picks up the microphone.

I had to say it, but I had my doubts about Chris.

I was worried that he’d talk about a ton of stuff I wouldn’t understand… and if he talked about anything I actually understood, it would be boring.

Talk about lose-lose.

But Chris surprised me – and he came out swinging.

Using stories about the men and women he helped to get started in business, Chris challenged all of the tech folks in the room.

“You’re not a website developer,” Chris exclaimed. “You possess the tools to help people build their dreams. Website developers who just think of themselves as website developers won’t accomplish great things. Great things are accomplished by website developers who think of themselves as the bridge builders to their clients dreams and hopes.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 6.01.30 PMWhew!

I’m glad Chris singled out website developers and not school communicators.

We don’t have to worry about being the “bridge builders” for anyone else’s dreams and hopes

If we did, we’d probably tackle Erin Luckhardt’s step-by-step Canva tip video with more oomph.

We wouldn’t just create simple “look good” posters or invitations anymore, we’d feel the urge to become creators of bridge-building communications that showcase our pride for what happens in our schools as well as the excitement we have for inspiring our parents to get more involved.

I think Erin is hoping we’d use this graphic design tool in this way.

She’s that kind of educator.

But Chris Lema never used the descriptor “school communicators.”

Not once.

There’s always this loophole for us to fall back on.

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