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Meet new friends and dominate the world. – SCN Encourager 7/31/2013

If I had planned this big event, it would’ve been different. And I would’ve wrecked it. The World Domination Summit 2013 was held just a few weeks ago in Portland, Oregon. This annual weekend is a gigantic meet-up of creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, lifestyle authors, persuasive presenters, and 21st century life-long learners. I scrimped and saved…

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Let’s talk high finance today. – SCN Encourager 7/25/2013

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you don’t, just write about it. Hey, what do you know? I’m able to recycle Tuesday’s headline. It fit perfectly two days ago when I wrote about my personal approach to “fashion” (unfortunately) and it also fits today in writing about my approach to finances (unfortunately). But at least…

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