An internet safety cheat sheet. I’m all in. – SCN Encourager 7/30/2013

Remember the operational maxim for school communicators? 

If you see a good idea, copy it. If you see a great idea, steal it.

With my limited skill set (due to both nature AND nurture), I rely on this maxim a lot.

I even have it engraved on my TV remote at home.

Today I have an awesome Internet Safety Cheat Sheet to share with you.

Jennifer Gordon has been in the web and app design business for a long time. In the early 2000s she was with Yahoo. She’s been a freelance designer and course trainer for the last eight years with her own company – Design Boost – which is located in Georgia.

She is the creator of this internet safety website, not because she has the super-dooper tech skills to do so, but because she’s a mom who cares.

Be sure to check out the various tabs across the website which show a step-by-step safety guide for all of the respective devices. It’s very cool and organized. (Two characteristics I’m going to work on in 2015.)

Jen Shot 2013-07-29 at 12.17.27 PMJennifer is totally willing to share her internet safety link with everyone, so this means I’m not actually tossing “stolen goods” your way.

Granted, this does not make it as much fun for me, of course, and it sure tarnishes my “bad boy” persona somewhat, but once in a while you’ve got to rise up and support a good cause.

There are other times when I can try and live up to your school communicator expectations for copying and stealing.

There are always future Encouragers.

So please don’t write me off just yet.

Tom Page. SCN
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