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Big “mo” and building up steam for the New Year – SCN Encourager

You have to admire the persistence of “old truths.” They never fade away. Despite the attraction of more than a zillion philosophical expressions on the web – usually found on t-shirt sites – I keep returning to the enduring wisdom of “old truths.” I return to them not because they’re easier to follow or because that’s basically what we old guys do. It’s not that at…

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Merry Christmas, Friend! – SCN Encourager

Here’s Communications Trend #2. Today was supposed to be Communications Trend #1, but somehow I screwed up. This Encourager obviously should’ve been the grand finale of my side-by-side countdown of the 10 remaining shopping days until Christmas and the “Top Ten Communications Trends for 2015.” But nope! Despite holding up my hands in front of my face two…

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