Merry Christmas, Friend! – SCN Encourager

Here’s Communications Trend #2.

loseToday was supposed to be Communications Trend #1, but somehow I screwed up.

This Encourager obviously should’ve been the grand finale of my side-by-side countdown of the 10 remaining shopping days until Christmas and the “Top Ten Communications Trends for 2015.”

But nope!

Despite holding up my hands in front of my face two weeks ago and verbally counting down every finger and thumb along with its corresponding date, it’s Christmas Day and I still have one more Communications Trend  to go.

Rats! I can’t believe it!

Next year I’m going to cross off the dates one-by-one on a calendar like an inmate in Alcatraz.

So… sorry about that.

Luckily, Communications Trend #2 actually (kinda) fits with my real-world miscue.

It serves as a reminder to us that transparency will be more important than ever in 2015.

But there’s a catch.

Effective school leaders and communicators will need to strategically use transparency as a way to highlight the successful accomplishment of a preplanned end.

Instead of thinking that transparency involves just the simple sharing of data or the willingness to host public meetings designed to foster open discussion, we’ll be called on in 2015 to make transparency stand for much more.

Transparency will need to play the lead role in showcasing the long  journey we are making toward our desired results.

All of our openness won’t count for much in the end, if all of our “transparent” stop-points and benchmarks along the way, don’t ultimately bring us to the place we need to be.

But, of course, we know where we need to be.

Especially on Christmas Day.

I wish you a wonderful day with your loved ones and friends!


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