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Browsing the holiday displays at Bronner’s

It’s a valuable field trip for school communicators As a kid growing up in mid-Michigan, I thought Bronner was one of the reindeer that pulled Santa’s sleigh. I suppose I was confusing the name with “Donder” from the Clement C. Moore poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” But I wasn’t entirely off base. In Michigan,…

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Simple isn’t Simple

Bill Jensen

Essence only. That’s Bill Jensen’s mantra. His New Jersey-based consulting firm, The Jensen Group, works with businesses and organizations as far-flung geographically as they are in purpose —, IBM, Hyatt Hotels, Chrysler, NASA, New York Public Library,  the Hong Kong Post Office. His mission is aways the same: Make it easy to get the…

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Oh yeah. Design matters.

Good design is like obscenity. Most people are flummoxed to define it, but insist they know it when they see it. I’m no exception. I love prairie style architecture. I build time into every trip to Chicago to stroll the residential streets of suburban Oak Park, to view the highest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses.…

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