Fiverr is an online McGyver for folks like us

Fiverr has many "fix-it" powers too!

Fiverr has many “fix-it” powers too!

But you’ve got to watch your step.

Do you skim through softwares and technologies, learning just enough to be dangerous but not enough to fully get the technical job done right? Well, that’s me.

So, I spent this past month shaking hands with Fiverr, an online global marketplace where you can tap the services of all kinds of Wunderkind for a minimum fee of $5.

Please be advised, though, that $5 is there to get your attention.

My goal was to bring energy and motion to OPO, the SCN mascot that we’ve featured on these pages before.  I was fortunate to spend only $5.50 each for three projects but spent closer to $50 for the fourth.  And, it was Tom Page’s money I was spending!  (Tom, if you’re reading this, you will be glad to know that costs can easily soar to $500-plus, so think of the money I saved you!)

fiverrlogoFiverr is a great tool. The Fiverr freelancers are waiting to get your job done in a hurry because they are aware of the lower wages they are accepting. Many are likely doing projects from home and are comfortable working within Fiverr’s terms.

On the flip side, you need to be cautious. Be sure to follow Fiverr’s rating system and mosey up to the freelancers with four or five stars beneath their name. Also check the estimated time to get the job done and how many jobs are ahead of yours.

I had some good luck and not so good luck with my OPO projects on Fiverr. Check out my experiences in the video below.

Have questions about the video?  Be sure to contact me at This is the last video I’m doing for awhile with Video Scribe. If you missed previous lessons with this intriguing software, start with tutorial #1 by clicking here.

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