Imagine 6 second bursts of video that amaze! – SCN Encourager 7/29/2013

 “15 minutes of fame?” It’s now been cut down to under a minute.

Disney Shot 2013-07-28 at 8.35.31 PMLast week I made a brief reference to Disney’s Mary Poppins in an Encourager – just in passing, mind you – and ever since writing those words I’ve seen or heard numerous Mary Poppins related photos, video clips, and songs.

What a weekend, eh? I’m glad it’s over.


The Tigers were winning. The Lions opened up training camp. And what was I doing?

Re-learning how to say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Marketers and psychologists call this the “red car syndrome.”

It happens when you buy (for example) a brand new red car and think that you’ll have the only one like it for miles around. But then when you pull away from the dealership – bingo! All of sudden it seems like every third car on the road is a red one just like yours.

This is not a fun syndrome to have, especially when involves Mary Poppins, the 1964 movie.

Luckily though, like the hiccups, this temporary ailment simply departs without fanfare.

I’m now cured.

But thanks to my short-term mary-opia, I did come across something that may interest and inspire you.

Perhaps you’ve seen a few of those mini-videos posted in social media circles. Mini-videos distributed via Vine must be six seconds or less. On Instagram they must be 15 seconds or less.

These things have always been “puzzlements” for me.

What decent story or brand identity can you possibly convey within such limited time frames?

It’s crazy. Don’t you really need the advantage of more time?

What if you have scads of new school construction or graduation footage?

Good luck cramming all of this into a six second Vine clip!

Well, once again, someone’s real-life hard work and creativity proves me wrong.

While it’s actually not all that much work to prove me wrong about something, this three minute rendition of Mary Poppins  is captivating just the same.

Here it is.  It’s a glorious patchwork quilt made up of nothing more than six second video bursts.

I’m sure glad I’m cured. No more Julie Andrews for me.

You won’t catch me watching “The Sound of Music” in rat-tat-tat style six second video bursts.

There’s no way I’m climbing that mountain!

Tom Page, SCN
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