QR codes. Moving the ball forward inch-by-inch. – SCN Encourager 7/26/2013

They shouldn’t be – but QR codes are trapped in the OMC Zone.

Outside My Comfort Zone.

My lack of tech-savvyness was way too obvious when I wrote in a previous Encourager how some developers are working to evolve QR codes into more appealing logo shaped “smart codes.”

So, what the heck? Why let that stop me?

I think part of my problem about learning effective ways to incorporate QR codes into my school district’s communications, is that I internalize information too much. When I read that QR codes stand for Quick Response codes, I can’t keep from wondering why the creators didn’t originally call them SK codes, for Speedy Kwik codes.

I think if they used my (now copyrighted) phrase, QR codes would’ve acquired my enthusiastic “buy in” long ago.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.11.00 AMYou know what I’m talking about, right? We’ve all seen these little boxy, black pixelly-dotty images on all kinds of packages and other printed materials. I’ve noticed them before and never really thought all that much about them.

Well, now that my superintendent has “asked” that we experiment with them “sooner, rather than later,” gaining a personal working knowledge about QR codes has risen to the top of my priority list.

In our district, we’re creating a QR code that we can share with the community which will link to brief video profiles of the newest administrators to our district leadership team.

Of course, I’m worried about screwing something up. My OMC zone reality hasn’t left. But the feeling has lessened – thanks to this article from the Marketing Profs website.

It’s basic and simple-to-understand. Just perfect for me.

So now I’ve got a new project on my list.

I was kind of hoping for my “SK code” re-name to catch on before I actually took the plunge, but my superintendent didn’t seem to care about waiting around until QR codes acquired my enthusiastic “buy-in.”

As you read this Encourager, know that I’ve totally bought-in to using QR codes.

The directive from my boss for something “speedy kwik” altered my perspective.

Have a fun weekend. I’ve got some learning to do.

Tom Page, SCN
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