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No, I wasn’t a gold medal winner.

Far from it.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t win my fair share of medals on the spirited fields of competition.

Now you may scoff.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.56.07 PMBut I’ve got a near-perfect cigar box that used to be my dad’s in my dresser drawer just jam-packed with proof.

Included in the mix of my most prized worldly trinkets is the “bronze” medal I won back in 5th grade in the 50 yard dash during our school field day.

Since I had won the silver the previous year, I wasn’t prepared for the set-back.

It was awful.

I still remember the names of the two 5th grade girls who finished 1 -2 ahead of me.


When the heck did the girls in my school become so fast?
Did I miss something?

When my mom asked me how my school field day went, I hauled my bronze medal out of my jean pocket and showed it to her.

“Mom,” I wondered. “It’s unfair. The girls are taller and faster. I don’t get it.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.01.48 PMOnce again, I never should’ve said anything.

Because the next night my dad swooped me out for a “father & son” dinner in downtown Flint, eventually leading up to an eye-opening film strip presentation with a bunch of other boys and dads at the nearby YMCA about you-know-what.

I’ll be honest, what I learned at the Y that night scared me half to death.

(And still does in a way..)

Anyway, I’ve regretted losing that 50 yard dash ever since.

I guess the only bright spot in all of this is the fact my suffering took place totally PRE-social media (even PRE-8 track tapes, for that matter) so my three younger brothers couldn’t go on Twitter and Snapchat to magnify my humiliation any further.

What was done stayed done in the good ol’ days.

I would’ve loved being a better athlete, you know.

But that’s life.

Olympians on SocialStill, it doesn’t mean I can’t be impressed by how today’s Olympians use social media to ramp up their following and personal brands.

So I want to pass along this recent article about how 12 superstar Olympians are garnering rave reviews for their rock star social media tactics.

You’ll enjoy clicking through the slideshow.

I did.

Its lessons are insightful and in tune to what we do.

Plus, they’re way less scary than what I learned at the YMCA years ago.

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