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I’m proud we promote entrepreneurial mindsets in our schools.

Oh, you didn’t know you did?

Well, if you’re expanding ways to anchor instruction in –
project-based learning, 
solution pursuing, 
creative thinking,
risk taking,

team collaborating,
and communicating, 
you’re building entrepreneurial mindsets.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.13.50 PMBobby Umar is a Toronto-based personal branding and “heart connection” leadership expert.

I appreciate his insights about marketing… especially since he is the father of two young children who are early on in their school years.

When a keen marketer like Bobby is also actively engaged in the community, school, and parent domains, I believe there’s a 3X factor in what I can learn.

Bobby and I follow each other on Twitter.

Which isn’t as great as it seems (for him anyway), because if the two of us were ever alone in an elevator, we’d ride it together as complete strangers.

Bobby tweeted out this diagram and it cleverly spotlights 5 different ways of problem-solving.

Since it also loosely dovetails with my blurb yesterday on the 8D Method, I thought I’d badger you again on the topic of problem-solving.

Check out Bobby’s 5.

Bobby Umar at 7.36.46 AM

Like I said, I’m proud we’re touching on these 5 ways to problem-solve with our students.

Of course, if this diagram were mine, I’d add two more ways to solve a problem.

My #6 would have the guy in the graphic lying down on a line near the caption “Go to bed. Sleep on it.”

My next option would have the guy pushing a lawnmower near the caption “Cut the grass. Forget about it.”

Bobby probably didn’t intend to overlook these two.

No one – no matter how smart – can think of everything.

Maybe someday Bobby will be trapped in an elevator with me and I can present a few more of my diagram worthy suggestions to him.

I just hope this remote possibility doesn’t scare him into using the stairs from now on.


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