I knew I made a mistake immediately after clicking “send.” – SCN Encourager

So let’s pretend last Friday never happened.

Forget I ever encouraged school communicators to –

Be brief


Be effective.

Because now –
Cindy has challenged me to try doing this myself for a week!


She doesn’t think I’m capable of writing a daily Encourager of 100 words or less for 5 straight days.

Well, I accepted her dare…
and I look forward to a big victory celebration on Friday!

My chart of 5 traditional school PR cornerstones make this easy.

Do these 5 match up with yours?
School PR 101 A











Unfortunately we now have double the number school PR cornerstones.

Here’s my #1 for 2016.
Whatcha’ think? 

School PR 101 C (png











School PR today is nothing without EMPATHY.

And if you think I’m cheating by using two graphics in place of word and sentences…, C’mon, where’s your empathy?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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