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Sharing trusted apps is like sharing the wealth (almost).

No doubt you’ve heard the expression that sharing is caring. Well, when it’s an experienced school communicator doing the sharing, it’s true! My recent conversation with Alexandria (VA) City Public Schools Public Relations Specialist Delaina McCormack reminded me of how much knowledge and wisdom school communicators possess. As you might have gathered from my prior profile of Delaina, she is an advocate for sharing ideas…

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Using iMovie to Edit Your Screencast

Just telling learners about something rarely succeeds. With luck, maybe they’ll catch on to your point. But if you show them how something works, you’re well on your way. This is the value of creating and sharing short screencasts. Last week I chatted about screencasts and their ability to “save the day” when it came to providing tech assistance. Screencasts can…

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Is an extreme makeover in order? (You might want to take a look at your website.)

Even non-parents can see when when a school district’s website is suffering from neglect. Back-to-school information lingers on the home page at Halloween. School closings/ snow day protocol are the main story during spring break. It’s time for a come-to-Jesus talk about making sure your website stays relevant. As a keeper of the website, maybe you’re not grievously lax…

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