Tech Tip Tuesday: Using iMovie to Edit Your Screencast

Just telling learners about something rarely succeeds.

Using iMovie to Edit ScreencastsWith luck, maybe they’ll catch on to your point.

But if you show them how something works, you’re well on your way.

This is the value of creating and sharing short screencasts.

Last week I chatted about screencasts and their ability to “save the day” when it came to providing tech assistance.

Screencasts can be used for topics beyond technology step-by-steps, too.

When I made my first screencasts, they were simple: show the end-user the basics, with no fuss over audio or music, and no worries about a few minor mistakes.

While I still send those out to understanding colleagues on the fly, I find that iMovie can be a quick way to edit these screencasts to give them a more polished look.

So, in this week’s tech tip, here’s a quick reference guide on how to put it all together.

Plus ! I’ve included some of my favorite tricks and tips that I’ve discovered while working with iMovie.

If you need a more in-depth iMovie “how-to guide,” check out YouTube… there’s dozens of good ones right there.

Maybe that will be my next tech tip… using an already created screencast to show how to do something.


Now there’s something Tom might be in favor of! He’s such a big proponent of “please-keep-it-simple” learning!

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