Good luck crossing the intersection of News and Noise – SCN Encourager

And don’t even hope to find any red-yellow-green traffic lights.

Nothing could organize this chaos.



Today’s high impact collisions between news and noise won’t stop.

And the many veteran journalists (who are now serving the public as veteran school communicators) know what I’m talking about.

The media landscape is changing faster than anyone can imagine.

Not having a background in traditional journalism myself, I can’t say I’ve personally experienced the shift in “how the news is reported and shared” the way some have.

All I know is that this online article from the BBC got me thinking.

And nope, that’s not a typo.

Although my fingers are much more comfortable typing ESPN, this article actually is from the BBC.

I’m sending it your way today because you may want to take the time to poke around in it a bit over the weekend.

Not only did I find its perspective mind-stretching, the article’s presentation style which uses a blend of text, images, links, and videos is fascinating.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.11.58 PM

It’s a style I wish I knew how to replicate.

It’s great way to tell a story; as memorable as it is impressive.

But hopefully, I won’t be rushed into anything.

Not being the early adopter type – I’m still sketching a BBC type presentation on flip chart paper.

And blimey, mates!  I can’t find my markers!




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