Ready for a little experiment? C’mon, give it a go! – SCN Encourager

I’ve tagged this experiment “Dial in to level up.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.33.20 PMIt’s not that hard.

Just unorthodox.

And if you believe in lifelong learning (just as you believe in air), you know that lifelong learning should be accompanied by lifelong acting (just like breathing).

What good is snagging new knowledge over the years if you’re not willing to discern, compare, reject or embrace, and ultimately apply it?

Cindy says that I don’t actually discern and compare; that I’m more prone to mull and stew.

But however YOU “level up” your new learning is up to you, as long as you’ve connected your learning to an intentional and appropriate action later, even if the action comes much much later and your resulting course of action is the deliberate decision to stay with the status quo.

That’s okay.

You’ve initiated some walk to go along with all of that previous talk.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.45.18 PMBecause taking action is so important to lifelong learning and personal growth, I’m going to make a suggestion in this Encourager, one that I’ve never done before.

I’d like to invite you to listen to a six minute audio clip I swiped from one of my favorite podcasts.

As a connoisseur of podcasts (Cindy uses the word “crazed”), I hear many short rifs and commentaries that really perk up my thinking.

I think it’ll be fun to share these with you from time to time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.17.42 PM

This clip – our experiment #1 – comes from the “” podcast.

It’s a podcast hosted by the New York-based husband and wife marketing team of Carol Lynn and Ralph Rivera.

Their podcast on iTunes and Stitcher radio consistently tosses out gems to rake in: that is, once I get past imagining Cindy and me attempting to go on the air together ourselves.

Boy, wouldn’t that be something?

Now as fate would have it, I listened to Ralph and Carol Lynn interview marketer and author Ryan Hanley while driving back to Holland from Petoskey in late June, after attending MSPRA’s daylong summer conference.

You might remember that I wrote about Dr. Nancy Colflesh’s presentation on cross-generational communication at the time.

It was because this topic was fresh on my mind (being more aware of demographic segments, generational differences, etc.) that I was fascinated by what Ryan Hanley had to say when Carol Lynn Rivera broached the same topic with him.

Ryan Hanley's BookNow Ryan’s a young guy.

But he’s been a longtime marketing director and trainer in the insurance industry and over the last couple of years, he’s chronicled his personal “learnings” in his own podcast, on YouTube, a blog, and Google+.

He’s also written a best selling book.

I enjoy him immensely, too.

More interesting perhaps (to me, anyway), has been Ryan’s evolution as a passionate and energetic marketing expert since he and his wife had their first child last year.

Ryan’s still fun to listen to and read, of course, but I can tell becoming a dad has made him become more thoughtful and long-term oriented.

His 6 minute clip is good stuff!

I hope you’ll also enjoy listening to Ryan’s brief re-framing of what Dr. Colflesh had to say about communication to cross-generations.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Here’s the clip. You can listen to it anytime, on any device. Your way.

Cindy’s cautioned me about not getting my hopes up that you’ll like listening to a podcast clip.

But I thought, what the heck?

All I can do is toss it your way and you can let me know what you think about it later.

(And in your response, please be kind. You know I’ve put myself into a possible “lose-lose” situation here at home. You might tell me you don’t like listening to podcast excerpts (a lose) and then Cindy would be proven right (an even bigger lose!).







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