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Jack Trout’s excellent book “Repositioning” gives 3 reasons for our stress.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.59.23 PMAnd he builds his entire book
around 3 words:




Bet you’re not shocked.

Our schools wrestle with these all of the time.

Trout believes it’s these realities that make it nearly impossible for us to get our intended messages seen and heard.

In his book, he has offers some suggestions for overcoming this, and I pointed out one of them back in mid-October.

It’s totally do-able in case you missed it.

Here ’tis.

I didn’t miss it.

I just forgot about it.

It was only yesterday that I actually noticed the book’s tagline, however:

Marketing in an era of competition, change, and crisis

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.46.14 PMI found Trout’s choice of the word “era” intriguing.

Why not use –
Marketing in a season of c, c, and c?
Marketing in an environment of c, c, and c?

Did Trout really have to use the word “era?” 

What’s an era, anyway?

Of course, the world of art has clear eras.

But do we?

Well, most dictionary definitions indicate that an era lasts at least as long as a generation.

Sometimes even longer.


This isn’t good news.

But if you’re a school communicator who’s growing in the ways you respond to competition, change, and crisis – perhaps it is!

There aren’t too many job skills out there nowadays that’ll last you at least as long as a generation.

The calculus skills I picked up during my freshman year in college didn’t even make it to the next semester!

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