Fight for your 15 minutes of … (and nope, it’s not fame!) – SCN Encourager

Contentment experts recommend snagging YOUR OWN 15 minutes – whatever it is.

Just as long as it’s YOURS.

clockYou battle a lot every day.




There’s nothing easy on this list.

I didn’t dream up this list of “overwhelmers,” either.
(The fact that it’s so simple and clear should prove that much.)

Author and marketing leader Jack Trout said we’re going to be dealing with these three for a long, long time.

But our problem is a big one.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.04.09 PMWhile the three terrible topics will be with us seemingly forever, our time is finite and short.

We never enough time to do all that we’d like.

Hence… the overwhelm often rises up in attempt to pull us down.

A much-repeated cliché posits that if you don’t manage your time, your time will manage you.

Makes sense, I guess.

But a straight-out tip would probably be more helpful.

So try this one out.
(All research-based, of course.)

Contentment experts say one of their most effective tips is to carve out “your own 15 minutes” everyday.

Go for the little win.

You know you’re going to worry and work practically around the clock, so why not schedule and give yourself 15 minutes of unplugged just-for-you time.

Most people on most days don’t even get this much.

If you’d like to move the needle up on your contentment gauge,

Take 15 minutes:
to walk,
to call,
to serve,
to send,
to apologize, 
to invite,
to ask,
to pray,
to thank,

to congratulate…

you get the idea.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.05.58 PMIt’s your 15 minutes.

Just choose something…
just for you…
and do it just for 15 minutes.

You don’t have to let competition, change, and crisis consume more time out of your day than they should.

And this includes fretting over unfunded mandates, too.

Fight for your 15 minutes.

You know, I really like the feel of this tip.

It doesn’t cost a thing – and it could actually work!

Who knows?

I might even try to become a “contentment expert” someday as a sideline.

It could be quite lucrative.

I was going to try and become a “marriage advisor”… but Cindy took that one off the table 18 years ago.

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