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Yikes! As if trying to explain M-Step and other new state initiatives weren’t enough.

I was afraid this would happen.

Gimme, Gimme.

Gimme, Gimme.

I should’ve known that my casual, almost haphazard approach to social media wouldn’t cut it.

Today’s customers – and many of our parents – are demanding more.

How much more?
(You might ask.)
I sure did.
Since I hoped to find out our parents only desire a smidgen more, not a whole lot more.
But no such luck.

Our parents, and the public in general, have added responsive social media engagement to the long list of items they expect to have from quality organizations and enterprises.

No longer are tweets and posts which inform, engage, entertain, or inspire enough.

They also want speedy-kwik follow-up and follow-through from us via social media.

You don’t think so?

Check out this three-day-old article and take a few deep breaths.

FB at 8.56.17 PMJoe Ruiz serves up 50 brief research-based facts (in 10 different categories no less) that’ll are jaw-dropping.

You’ll probably find four or five compelling enough to share with your school team, as the implications are significant.

This is a perspective we need to keep leaning into and this is one of most wide-ranging articles I’ve seen.

Unfortunately, I think I’ve poo-pooed these trends for far too long, which is what I typically do when I my “flight or fight” instincts go haywire.

But I’m highly motivated to get past this.

So far, I haven’t been able to find ONE public relations or marketing book that lists poo-pooing as an acceptable tactical activity.

Which is very disappointing… since I’m already so good at this!

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