It’s the best channel there is. And no remote is needed! – SCN Encourager

Here’s my Seth Godin inspired school PR reflection #4.

RemoteBelieve me.

I’m wishing more and more that a remote actually existed to direct connect me to Seth Godin’s recommended “best marketing” channel.

While it hurts me to say it –

It’d be nice to be able to click away quickly from the Tigers or Lions to something more worthwhile when frustration sets in.

On Monday and Tuesday I began the countdown of my Seth Godin inspired school PR and communication reflections.

Without any wordy window dressing, they were:

#1  The best possible marketing is always linked to the best possible product or service.

#2  The best place to begin is with a clear understanding of the interests, hopes, and struggles of your intended audience. Empathy is the key.

#3  The best way to grow your brand is to delight the people you currently serve. Retention is always cheaper than chasing down new people.

Reflection #4 today suggests that one “marketing channel” which stands above the others.

You’re already familiar with it.

ShockingIt’s called “word of mouth.”

The perennial winners in marketing intentionally do what it takes to spark positive person to person messages. They don’t leave it to chance.

The various word of mouth messages flowing back-and-forth within a community that cares (like a school district) are what causes reputations and rumors to rise and fall.

And we all know how social media has quickened the pace of this.

Nurturing your district’s Word of Mouth channel will require you to wear “blinders,” however.

You don’t need the allure of cool sounding taglines and eye-popping visuals to knock you off course.

Because as branding strategies go, they’re never as effective as sincere person-to-person messaging.

They may not even be as effective as insincere person-to-person messaging.

But at least we’ll probably find this out soon.

And we’ve got all of our loony politicians to thank!

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