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It’s astounding how “it” always gets down to one thing – SCN Encourager

Timing. Even the wisdom of the ancients can’t get around this fact. I tried. Despite the protestations of the only three school communicators in the Midwest who majored in philosophy back in college, I devoted the two previous Encouragers to remind us (okay, maybe just me…) about what Socrates, Plato, and Sophocles had to say. Socrates stressed the value of questioning. Plato stressed the truth that our emotions greatly…

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What is this Pinterest thing?

If you hop around on websites these days, you’re likely to find a “Pin it” button around images as well as entire articles/webpages. But, what it this Pinterest thing and how do you even go about “pinning” something? It’s rather simple, really. Imagine a bulletin board overflowing with great ideas, recipes, or even products. Now, rather…

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