What is this Pinterest thing?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 7.42.24 PMIf you hop around on websites these days, you’re likely to find a “Pin it” button around images as well as entire articles/webpages.

But, what it this Pinterest thing and how do you even go about “pinning” something?

It’s rather simple, really. Imagine a bulletin board overflowing with great ideas, recipes, or even products. Now, rather than having that cluttered bulletin board, Pinterest allows you to create multiple ‘boards’ with ‘pins’ that represent links with a cover image.

Not only does taking it digital mean that you can have multiple boards, but it also makes it so that your office space (or your kitchen) is no longer cluttered with the latest things you want to try.

If you’re not new to Pinterest, you probably know about the ‘rabbit hole’ effect that is Pinterest. Minutes turn into hours and a bazillion great ideas that you must pin now.

And while you might think Pinterest is only good for remodeling/redecorating, new recipes, or the latest clothing trends, think again. Pinterest is starting to overflow with educational ideas, too.

So where does this leave you as a school communicator?

Well, consider the following ideas:SCN TWEETABLES-2

Stay tuned as next week I walk you through how to set up your school’s own Pinterest account and get pinning!

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