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The awesome Disney Magic and the story behind the story – SCN Encourager

Do you ever struggle with the lack of self-confidence, depression, or anxiety? I’ll tell if you do. But you gotta go first. And I’ll even say “Please.” You might do both of us a favor. Because these feelings are usually kept hidden – especially by people who are intelligent, competent, and extremely Type A. Sound like anyone you know?…

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Complaining about my mom last week came back to haunt me – SCN Encourager

I should’ve figured my mom would get the last laugh. But the risk was worth taking. I couldn’t resist pointing out how many of the quaint notions and ideas I was exposed to as a child have forced me to now play “catch up” as a 21st century school communicator. While it was never my intention to be a Debbie Downer (in an…

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I can’t blame my mom’s bedtime stories for every career foible. Who could’ve predicted the world we live in today? – SCN Encourager

Sometimes even one of my pre-teen books was part of the problem. Not that my mom’s ethos didn’t play a role, however. There’s no escaping that. One book I enjoyed as a 10 year-old was “Onion John.” And I don’t think my mom had anything to do with it. The book came from  my elderly aunt from Chicago who taught school there for about…

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