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Do you ever struggle with the lack of self-confidence, depression, or anxiety?

I’ll tell if you do.

Depressed man aproaching a bench at a lake on a foggy day.But you gotta go first.

And I’ll even say “Please.”

You might do both of us a favor.

Because these feelings are usually kept hidden – especially by people who are intelligent, competent, and extremely Type A.

Sound like anyone you know?

I asked Cindy if it sounded like anyone she knew and she asked for a definition of the word “intelligent.”

Hopefully, you can do better than this!

As you know, I love listening to podcasts.

And beyond the assorted school PR ideas and tips I pick up (or forget), most of the podcasts I listen to could easily be described as “reality radio minus the hyped up drama.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.48.49 PMOne of the best podcasts out there (and there are thousands of them) is Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell.

Lee Cockerell was the Chief Operations Manager at Disney World in Orlando, FL, for many years.

His insights about customer service, employee training, future planning, and communications are special.

In an older podcast, he described how Disney conducts more than 2 million guest surveys every year.

If people are in line at an attraction, Disney will acquire their feedback using iPads.

If people are already back home, Disney will call on the phone.

At any rate, Disney makes it a habit to collect and assess massive amounts of customer feedback everyday.

And since exceeding every customer’s expectations everyday is Disney’s primary goal, this connection makes perfect sense.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.54.37 PMNo wonder Cockerell is in high demand as an organizational leader and keynote speaker.

So I was surprised to hear him talk about his crippling emotional struggle in his latest podcast.

Huh? What gives?

I thought I was the only one prone to “goofy” thoughts.

Cockerell demonstrated a great deal of courage to openly discuss his fear of failure and the burden it brings.

But I’m glad he did.

This is a no frills heart-to-heart podcast from a top-tier leader – and for some strange reason I felt moved to pass it along to you and the others as we head into the weekend.

Feel free to share it with a neighbor… or with someone else closer to home.

Once Cindy approves a working definition of the word “intelligent” for back here, I’ll pass that along, too.

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