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Carnegie would say to approach your parents and prospective families like a dog.


Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.52.46 AMDogs are always excited to see you.

Just by bounding to the door to their tails a-wagging, dogs express a “glad you’re here!” joyful greeting through their ACTIONS, without any words at all.

Think about it.

A dog’s excitement to see you is contagious.

A dog is usually the first one to invite contact.

You aren’t.

Your dog will come up to you.



And it is always eager to share your companionship – whether it’s a riding shotgun in the car, playing in the yard, or just “leading you” on a walk around the block.

Our dog Macie never lifts a paw to help me out at home

Our dog Macie never lifts a paw to help me out at home

Granted, most of the dogs I know do not actually have much on their plates, like we do.

Whatever is on the plate of a dog, typically is gobbled up in a few minutes or less.

It’s easy for a dog to be in good spirits 24/7.

What stress does it have?

For sure, the multiple issues and projects on our plates can sometimes overwhelm us and influence our moods.

But anyway, Carnegie was on to something.

We could do a lot worse than to market our schools with the enthusiasm and excitement of a dog.

I know Cindy definitely values what all our dog Macie brings to our home.

I can’t assign a clear-cut ROI on Cindy’s feelings to share with you, though.

I’ve never been foolhardy enough to ask her to choose between me and Macie.

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