Why you can’t coach yourself (AKA why we need others) – SCN Encourager

Our “passion for serving” is both a blessing and a curse.

Some of you asked if a recent Encourager was a joke.

Todd Herman at 3.32.20 PMA few of you even asked if all of my Encouragers are a joke.

But these wisenheimers aside, in that particular Encourager I highlighted how foremost life coach Todd Herman often counsels top tier leaders and professional athletes to pause, step back, and “just breathe.”

His advice seems way too simple, doesn’t it?

But when struggling under the weight of high stress and pressure, even the best among us will try all of the more complicated remedies first.

The simple path – which actually might be the one we should be on – is usually viewed as, well… way too simple.

So it often takes an outside voice to shed light on the obvious and get us excited about new  possibilities and opportunities.

Sometimes we just need an outside voice for nothing more than to do battle with our own inner voice, which is often our severest critic.  (Know what I mean?)

While coaches like Herman are paid big bucks to help people –
or redirect…

Most of us would rather –
buck up,
stay the course, 
and work it through on our own.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.38.00 PMAccording to Herman, we hurt ourselves (and our organizations) when we fail to prune our
and calendars every now and then.

We need to understand our willingness to take on more, squeeze more in, and pick up the pace doesn’t help us as much as we’d like to believe.

And this where leadership coaches AND PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS like NSPRA step in and step up.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.15.58 AMThey provide a safe haven for the honest discussions and professional confessions most of us will try to avoid.

They accept your “lack of whatever” and use it as the springboard for future growth.

A few days ago I found out how much Herman and other coaches of his caliber charge for their services.

But it’s not in my best interest to even think about it.

Because it’s true what they say –

To compare brings despair!

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