Want more TIME in your day? (This tactic’s crazy enough to work.) – SCN Encourager

I’ll admit it’s different.

But it’s do-able.

Hear me out.

According to mega-marketer and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk our success at managing ourselves and our time begins with how we assess our “buckets.”

He’s worth a’ listen.

Vaynerchuk was born in Russia, learned English in our schools, helped grow his father’s wine selling business into a $60 million dollar enterprise, and then wrote three NY Times bestsellers on social media strategies and practices.

And oh yeah, he also grew his media agency into a $105 million venture in less than five years.

He’s got some things to say about how we classify the buckets of our time.

At first, I thought he’d talk about “buckets” as in the “half full” or “half empty” variety.
(To encourage perspective…)

Then I thought he’d bring up “buckets” as in the popular “ice bucket challenge” events.
(To encourage reaching out and giving…)

I was convinced I actually had it right when I thought Vaynerchuk would reference “buckets” as in the “how full is your bucket?” sphere; where we each have a little bucket within, kind of like a little personal bank, in which we make caring and heartfelt deposits and withdrawals everyday in order nurture positive relationships with others. (To remind us that in giving, we receive…)

I should’ve figured I’d get it wrong.

Vaynerchuk’s way too blunt to not say it out right.

I didn’t have to over-think it.

He said we’re often not honest with ourselves about our buckets at all – and that’s what trips us up.

He says we tend to look at the time we spend in our “social media buckets” and then call it “working” when that’s not what we’re doing at all.

He says we tend to look at our “strategic thinking buckets” and call them our action plans when we’re not even close to creating something tangible, attainable, measurable, and relevant.

And don’t even get Vaynerchuk started on the time we spend in our “email inbox buckets.”

It’s not pretty.

Vaynerchuk really isn’t attacking the assorted “life buckets” all of us choose to haul around with us, he’s there, too.

He just believes we need to be totally honest about calling them what they are.

Only then will we stop squandering time and have the clarity needed to make steady progress.

That’s it.

The more honest we are about our buckets,
the better we’re able to determine the time and effort it’ll take us to get from here to there.

It’s pure Vaynerchuk.

He doesn’t wax poetic and announce the truth will set you free.

He just points out that the truth is ultimately the driving force for getting from here to there.

(Which is good news if you ask me. I’d have no chance at all if it were looks and brains!)

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