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Time affects us equally.

We’Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.06.16 PMre overwhelmed.

We’re overcommitted.

And all that saves us from total collapse is the fact that TIME is finite.

Otherwise we’d try to stretch even more of it onto our schedules.

Why we even bother to run ourselves ragged under the delusion we’re successfully “managing” our time is beyond me.

And you know me, usually I’m the Grand Poohbah of Delusional Thinking.

No doubt.

Netflix should consider producing a new series based on our busy lives – The Walking Frazzled.

Now imagine if you were a college basketball coach this weekend striving to lead your team into the next round of the NCAA’s official March Madness bracket.

Can you imagine this kind of added pressure?

The limits of time haven’t changed, but now you’ve got –
Talented opponents,
Competitive environments,
Loud crowds,
And refs more than happy to aggravate your high blood pressure.

In a similar way (but obviously with a lower profile and away from the glare of TV) we also must contend with the stress that comes with having to make spontaneous decisions quickly and hope they all work out.

Now time may be finite…
but the possible future outcomes sure aren’t.

AnythinTodd Herman at 3.32.20 PMg can happen.

But that’s what makes our lives, well… “so interesting.”

Todd Herman is an incredible life coach who has helped athletes and organizational leaders at the highest level.

The fact that I don’t know him personally should tell you at what level you’ll find me, but I appreciate Todd’s insights, and I’m going to share a few more of them with you on Monday as well.

For today, I’m just going to pass along this advice.

At least it’s not a budget-buster.

“Stop for a few moments and breathe,” says Herman.

[No, I’m not making this up.]

Herman’s got more.

“Whenever things start spinning out of control,” he advised. “Gain control back by focusing exclusively on your breathing for three or four minutes.”

The intentional change of pace is the key.

“You’d be surprised how concentrating on just your inhaling and exhaling for a few moments – especially on something that just comes naturally – can reduce feelings of overwhelm and stress.”

Herman’s probably right.

But still, it’s weird to think we’ve got to remind ourselves to pause and “just breathe.”

That seems too simple.

But hey!

I’m not complaining.

Although I battle TIME and calendar a lot – I go to war with COMPLEXITY, too.

And breathing might actually be do-able tactic for me.

Plus – I’ve got all weekend to practice.

I hope your weekend is equally invigorating!

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