The Happiness Factor. Think $$$. – SCN Encourager 4/24/13

Hope you’re happy. I used to be…

When I first created the Encourager, I thought connecting with school leaders and communicators in a consistently positive way would be a snap.

Afterall, I had inventoried my assets.

I only concentrated on my assets. This was a breeze. Listing all of my liabilities just seemed too overwhelming. And besides… you know how it is when making any kind of long list – you always worry about overlooking someone or something. What a hassle. I didn’t need the aggravation (or the reality check).

So I just stayed focused on my assets and kept the criteria to three: easy, do-able, and no more than five fingers needed to count them up.

Here is my Personal Asset List.™

#1:  I like to write. Obviously, this is helpful when sending out a daily email is the goal. Plus, for me, my home office is in the lower level of the house. It’s quiet and removed from where my wife and daughters are usually conspiring behind my back.

#2:  I appreciate what everyone involved in education does. All around me – and all around you, too – people are doing good work. We’re in the midst of unlimited activities, successes, issues, behaviors, stories, needs, achievements, hormones, smiles, and on some days, a few tears. All of these, combined with my ADHD tendencies, make everyday interesting. Topics abound!

#3:  I’m not a leader, healer, or candlestick maker. But there’s value in striving to be an encourager. You don’t have to be adept in “rocket surgery” or be related to Bill Gates to give this a go, right?

#4:  I have the talent and skill to “connect-some-dots” in an interesting way for you. Oops!  Sorry. This should’ve been on the “liabilities” list, not here. Skip to #5.

#5:  I have the winning trump card – YOU.  Our shared school interests and experiences offer me a nice bridge to your professionalism. Luckily, (for me) the bridge to you has no security guards or toll booths. You’re a school communicator trooper – evidenced by the fact that if you’re still reading the Encourager at all, you haven’t allowed your high standards for organizational and instructional excellence to influence what you’re willing to read. (Many thanks!)

As I indicated earlier, with at least four extraordinary personal assets going for me, I thought reaching you with a pleasant and positive “check in” on a regular basis would be simple.

But sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes I just don’t feel all that pleasant and positive!

Take this Skandia International poll, for example. I’m upset I even read it. It says that 80% of us believe that our happiness is directly tied to money.

Furthermore, it says that the amount of annual income needed for anyone to achieve real happiness is $161,810.  Oh, oh!

OK. I ask you. Now that you know this – how happy are you?!?

So from this day forward, never assume that writing the Encourager is easy. Some facts of life can’t be avoided.

Sure, I may possess four highly prized personal assets, but – according to this survey – I’m no where close to really being able to spread true joy and happiness all around and feel good about it.  

Therefore, for today I offer the following:

Everyone making $161,809 or less is invited to join my new club – still unnamed, but where the tagline “misery loves company” fits with fidelity. When we all gather together eventually – at a Tim Horton’s, not a Ruth’s Chris – we’ll discover a way to have fun despite what Skandia International claims.

And, of course, all of you who earn more than the poll determined “happiness benchmark” are invited to join, too. Just remember to pay your dues on time.

Tom Page. SCN
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