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Replies? Forget about replies.

I’d be happy to just get my emails read!

But apparently – for everyone else in the world – the bigger problem is “not getting replies” to email messages.

Oh well, shows you what I know.

I just hope they know what they’re wishing for.

Fortunately, after studying more than 350,000 emails and their replies (or lack thereof), an Australian research firm came up with a trick to help them out.

I can’t tell you if any of your personal email messages were part of the extensive study.

All I know is mine weren’t.

As even the research firm wouldn’t open any of my emails.

But anyway…

The research firm said that if you end your emails with a phrase of common courtesy, you will only get only get replies in the range of 39-49%.

Here are examples of loser phrases:
•  Sincerely
•  Regards
•  Hope to see you

If you want to score in the 65-70% range of getting replies to your emails, forget courtesy and go right for gratitude. 

That’s it.

Gratitude’s the ticket.

A winning email close will go something like this:

•  I know your time is valuable. Thanks for your consideration.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if every problem had a solution as easy as this one?

I never guessed so many people were troubled by it.

But how I know?

I can’t get anyone to ready my emails in the first place.

But hey!
You just did.
And I’m awfully grateful.

You helped get my week off to a good start.

I hope you’re off and rolling, too!

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