My goal. Guru status. (by 2014)

Recently a marketing and social media “guru” asked an audience of about 50 of us non-gurus to blurt out what percentage of decisions did we think were made from our “emotional” or “feelings” domain as opposed to decisions made from the rational side of our make-up.  I heard shout-outs of 70%, 60%, and 50% before he quickly chimed back while emphatically shaking his head, “Nope. It’s 100%!”  (Dang it! I would’ve guessed this correctly too had he just given me more time. Boy, these gurus have all kinds of sneaky tricks!)

Anyway, we were all somewhat stunned to hear that 100% of all decisions made are set in motion with our strong emotional notions, well before any actual rationality kicks in to then give proper cover to the direction our decision is about to go.

I’ve got to give the guru credit. He didn’t argue the point with our group, percentage this or percentage that. People wanted to. Instead, in yet another guru professional trick, he rapidly posed the question, “If everyone’s decisions are first made on the basis of emotions and feelings . . .  what should you and your organization now be doing differently with respect to your marketing and communications?”  Hmmmmm.

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