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By Tom Page, SCN Founder | The Encourager

Walmart sure scored a touchdown with this one.

Did you see it?

It wasn’t easy to find because (so far) this ad only ran in Canada.

Here’s the YouTube link.

It hit home with me.
(and I’m guessing it might with you, too!)

How so?

Well, in an engaging way, the ad touches on –
• feeling lonely
• feeling discouraged when you look around
• feeling uncertain about what’s next
• feeling like you’ll never be recognized
• feeling comforted by the right book (yep!)
• feeling comforted by the right comfort food (oh yeah!)

No doubt you caught the ad’s core touchpoint …
our universally shared FEELINGS.

AND – just as it is in life – all of our self-doubts and those moments in an occasional valley never have to be end of the story.

Walmart’s Canadien holiday bear ad also reminds us –

• you gotta keep showing up and keep-a goin’
• you gotta be confident in your uniqueness and what you offer
• you gotta be aware of the needs of the people who come your way
• and you gotta be ready to embrace the big joys that often arise out of what may seem like totally insignificant and unimportant interactions

So dang that holiday bear ad anyway –
for nudging me into this philosophical funk when all I wanted to do was wish you a great weekend!

But it is a wonderful ad.
(And it’s one we could probably replicate if we put our minds to it.)

The ad is so good, in fact, I’m actually thinking about moving to Canada.

Now just don’t go getting your hopes up right away, though.

I haven’t discussed this with Cindy yet.

I can’t even sweet talk her into watching the ad!





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