This poster in a school hallway really got me thinking – SCN Encourager

And surprisingly, not in a weird way

It made me grateful for all of our heroes.









And I’m ashamed how often I forget, that we discover our heroes in the midst of our own hard times.

Heroes sure aren’t found on the easy path.

I should know.

I’ve chosen it often enough.

But fortunately, many of our blessings come into our lives disguised as trials, despite our best efforts to dodge them.

I’m glad they do.

Heroes need “windows of opportunity.”

They emerge out of the fight for a good cause, not by coasting along with the trouble free.

You know, our schools need heroes like never before.

So if you’re challenged by a few trials of your own today... well, what can I say?

You’re definitely in the right place.

And that’s a good thing.

Opportunities abound.

Embrace them.

Just take ’em on, hero!

It’s what we’re all called to do, each in our own way.

And take a look up at that “disaster” timeline poster one more time before you click away.

Use your imagination and ask, what event and hero could best represent the year 33 A.D.?

I’m grateful for this Hero, too.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, friend.

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