You can do it! Oh yes, you can! (Oops! Breaking news. I guess you can’t… sorry.) – SCN Encourager

Apparently everything has its limits.

Even willpower.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.33.41 PMThe research is in.

And it shows willpower is finite.


We only have so much of it.

No self-talk and pep-talk will change this.

We begin with a certain amount of willpower in “our tank” everyday… and all we can do is draw it down.

Like most everything else, willpower is a resource we must allocate selectively.

At least this helps explain why some of us (okay… me) have difficulty cutting back on portion sizes and sweets at dinner time.

Our willpower is nearly on empty as the day winds down.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.21.28 PMNow, perhaps you can see where all of this is going, sad to say.

Good habits and positive routines help us conserve our willpower for when we really need it.

I hope you can also see why I avoid reading those research reports all the way to end if I can help it.

Who wants to find out that good habits and positive routines are the building blocks to better willpower?

I don’t.

Good habits and positive routines always seem to be the answers.

Just once.

Just one, I wish a life necessity (like willpower, courage, and empathy) could be strengthened via the consistent application of a comfy couch, the big game, and a hot pepperoni pizza.

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