Fitting in is out. (A lesson from a Super Bowl ad.) – SCN Encourager

Wanting to help others “fit in” isn’t a bad thing, is it?

I can’t say I’ve ever asked myself this question before.

Usually “fitting in” is only an issue when it involves trying to “fit into”  a pair of just-washed jeans!

(Which isn’t a pretty sight…)

Now master marketer and growth advisor Chris Brogan has a totally new take on “fitting in.”

He says it’s high time to scrap the notion we should ever try to help people “fit in.”

Instead, we should focus on helping people truly BELONG.

He used Microsoft’s powerful Super Bowl ad to drive the point home.

It’s an astonishing piece.

I also found this 2-minute clip personally convicting.

It’s embarrassing to confess (at my age!) I still need to be reminded about the importance of trying to help people belong.

But I do.

You’d think this was something I would’ve made foundational in my life at about age seven.

But nope, I’m still flubbing the dub.

And it especially rankles me when Brogan emphasizes helping people belong means helping everyone belong.

(Like… everyone.)

Ouch! That’s not fair!

I’m no where close to having an “everyone” mindset.

But maybe you’re closer than I am.

That would be nice.

Then I could count on you to pick up the slack in this area!

And I could just go back to being me –

enjoying Super Bowl Sunday,
eating and drinking fun things,
trying to “fit into” my jeans.

That’s where I belong.