Another reason why I hate data – SCN Encourager 10/14/2013

Data may look better naked. I sure don’t.

If you can get past the headline of this short article that I’ve linked—something I couldn’t do without feelings of inadequacy—you’re in for a treat. (a low cal one…)

Especially if you create charts and graphs for your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

Darkhorse Analytics offers a number of simple design recommendations in a very unusual way, so be sure to position your curser on their chart right below the third paragraph.

Food for thought, for sure. (and still low cal…)

Here it is.

If my dad were describing this graphic to you, he’d probably call it “snazzy.”

Something quaint.

Obviously, he’s much older and not even a professional school communicator like me, so he’d struggle to find the right word.

Not me.

This graphic from Darkhorse Analytics is…well, uh… okay, fine.


I’m sorry that I’m not better than an amateur in showcasing this article for you.

I think the approaching holiday season is causing me to get distracted.

Cover-ups for you, not your data
Cover-ups for you, not your data

Over the last couples of years, I must’ve received no less than eight of these as gifts. It’s depressing.

Not only do my friends and family members not want to see me naked—even by misfortunate or accident—they don’t even want to see me in regular pajamas!

Oh well, these things do cover you up from head to toe…

And you can still keep your right hand free to control the remote.

That’s a plus.

Tom Page, SCN
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