A place with a very fitting name

WOW’d is the right word.  I feel great. I’m happy and wanting to tell people about my shopping experience…and I didn’t even get what I wanted. There is something to be learned here.

But, let’s back it up.

This afternoon I visited one of our local donut stores. I have probably been to this store 4 or 5 times in as many months.  Not sure if that qualifies me for being a regular exactly, but in fairness, I do always order the same thing…one cake donut, white frosting, mini chocolate chips, hold the bag, just put it on one of those little plastic like napkin thingies.


Today when I walked in, the woman behind the counter pulled out a plastic napkin thingy and went right for “my” donut…no words were even exchanged.  But look as she might, there were no cake donuts with white frosting and mini chocolate chips left. Not even one! Instead, she grabbed a plain donut and was in the process of carrying it to the back announcing over her shoulder that she’d be right back; she had to make “my” donut.

Not wanting to be a donut snob, I told her I’d be happy to substitute…no problem. With a thank you, exchange of 85 cents, a generous tip in the cup on the counter (because, really, this woman knows who I am, what I like and tried to give it to me), and with a smile I was off.

My one cake donut with white frosting and colored sprinkles quite honestly was way too sweet for me. I only ate half of it.  42.5¢ out the window…but still, I was happy! I was smiling! I thought, “I LOVE this place!” I didn’t get what I wanted, didn’t really even love the substitute, but I vowed to return anyway.

No, the convertible isn’t mine…

So, what’s to be learned? In our schools we can’t please every parent every day…no way, no how.  It just isn’t possible. But what is it that we can do to have them vowing to return despite the fact that we don’t have what will please them every minute?

I hazard to say it’s in the way we treat our customers. The woman at the donut shop has made a customer for life because of who she is, not because of what she sells. Take a good hard look behind your counter. Does your staff have ‘em eating out of their hands?