The #1 reason for making this your #2 – SCN Encourager 7/1/2014

Here’s a simple way to acquire “street level” smarts.

But don’t think this will be easy.

Carrying out this recommendation might require you to issue an unfunded mandate of your own.

And wouldn’t that be a twist?

the number two questionAccording to several leading marketing experts, the #2 question we should always ask our parents, prospective parents, and community members every time they call or stop in to request program information, a school tour, or an enrollment packets is this –

“Tell me. How did you hear about us?” (…this program, this meeting, this event, this activity, etc.)

You may think you can predict the answers, but the times, they are a-changing.

With ever-increasing frequency, individuals in our various audiences are all choosing to receive their news in their own preferred ways.

You may be surprised by what you’ll find out.

Or perhaps you won’t.

But you’ll never really know for sure until this question is asked with regularity.

This tactic has a second stage to it as well.

After you make “Tell me. How did you hear about us?” the #2 question you consistently ask everyone who calls or stops in, you’ve got to also make sure you’re consistently following up with your staff and asking “Tell me. What did we learn from our visitors and callers this week?”

This #3 question is obviously a critical step.

So don’t skip it.

If you feel like you must skip something, skip the #1 question.

I’m going to skip it, too, since those “leading marketing experts” never actually said what it was.


I’ve double-checked my notes.


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