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And you know what the key word here is, don’tcha?


That’s always the one that trips me up.

I can do most anything “for a day.”

But “everyday” is another story.

(Unless being a pest at home counts.)


habitsThat’s the last thing any of us want to be reminded of – that everyday habits are the key differentiators which separate the marvelous from the mediocre.

But it’s true.

So, after a fair amount of reading and podcast listening while shaving every morning, here’s my 10 Point Checklist of what I’ve discovered most successful leaders do.

As I noted yesterday, not only do high achievers typically get a head start on the rest of the pack, they’ve also got these ten habits nailed as well.

EVERYDAY… The Most Successful Leaders in our Midst:

1.  Write specific goals down. And they usually review them the night before the start of a new day. (Uh, oh!)

2.  Get a good night’s rest and get up early. And no, they aren’t immediately jumping online. Rather, they’ve dedicated 15-20 minutes for quiet time. (And reading the Encourager, I’m pretty sure.)

3.  Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. They make health and wellness priorities. (Yikes!)

4.  Eat right. (Oops.)

5.  Watch less than 60 minutes of TV per day. (With sports exempt, I hope!)

6.  Create time blocks in their calendars to ensure things get done. (Winging it apparently only worked back in the 70s.)

7.  Have a trusted mentor or coach. They’re always learning. (My budget affords me NPR and Shark Tank.)

8.  Infuse their relationships with a sincere spirit of gratefulness. They send notes and cards. (I’m grateful to you. But saying this probably doesn’t count since I didn’t buy a stamp.)

9.  Believe in network-building. They intentionally try to add to their networks every week. They live the maxim “most people have careers, but the most successful have networks.” (Where’s a third option?)

10. Embrace stress, technology, and change. They typically commit to one significant new learning per week. (It took me months to come up with this list of 10, so what’s that tell you? One per week might be a stretch.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.44.09 PMGiven how horribly I do on this 10 point checklist, it might as well be named “Millionaire Ninja Tricks.”

I still wouldn’t be any closer.

But I uncovered a piece of good news in all of this for folks like me.

Stay tuned tomorrow.

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