15 marketing tips from the top pros – SCN Encourager 1/17/2013

Hey!  This “collaboration thing” really works.

It was a privilege for me to be part of a curation project which pulled together the latest and best marketing tips from experts from across the country.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.12.15 PMAnd I’ve sure got to hand it to the other 14 experts.

While I’m sure they had my contact information nearby, they were able to collaborate and submit their tips to the designated editor without any handholding from me.

Coordinating a group of 15 media pros could’ve been complicated.

It wasn’t.

Thanks to today’s online collaboration tools, it was quite simple.

And surprisingly, no one needed any tech advice or handholding from me about this, either.

One thing I learned early on as a participant in this high-energy collaborative process is that if you have an idea (a tip) to add to the mix, you better send it in quickly.


If you don’t, another expert will beat you to the punch and get his or her tip electronically submitted just a milli-second or two before yours.


Collaborating in this way is kinda frustrating, I don’t mind telling you.

You feel like you’re playing a lightning-fast game of “spoons” or “snap” with a group of third graders.

But if this bothered any of the other 14 experts, I never heard about it.

They probably didn’t want let on that they were scrambling to keep up with the frantic pace.

It all worked out for the best, though.

I thought our compilation of tips exceeded all expectations.

I wouldn’t be sending it to you now if it didn’t.

Consider these gems:

* Be pro-active in appealing to your audience. A podcast or company song might work.

* Marketing is easy. Doing something worth talking about is more difficult.

* You don’t own your audience. You’re a temporary steward of it.

* Engage online with skill, value and respect.

Yep, these recommendations were all originally mine… but when you click on the link to the list you’ll see them contained in the contributions penned by other experts.

That’s okay.

Here’s our tip list.

You’ll also see that my tip… because of the unavoidable overlap, time zones, and other factors… didn’t actually make it onto the list that eventually got published.

That’s okay.

I now know that a collaborative effort of this type rewards experts who are “runners and gunners,” not an expert like me who is attentive to detail and a very deliberate thinker.

But hey! This “collaboration thing” really works, and it was a joy to be part of this one.

I hope you’ll enjoy your upcoming weekend and find the time to check out our list.

Tom Page, SCN
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