15 second Instagram videos in your future? – SCN Encourager 7/15/2013

The tight creative concept leaves little time to enjoy your popcorn. 

Many companies are jumping on the 15 second Instagram video bandwagon.

And a number of school communicators may be contemplating similar “big leaps” – but not me.

At my age, I need to stretch quite a bit (ie. learn some more) before leaping on board.

Ginny Sosky writes about media for the HubSpot marketing website. She’s identified 10 brands who “rocked it” with their recent 15 second Instagram videos.

Here’s her article. How would you rank these briefest-of-the-brief videos?

For brands which have significant marketing resources to draw from, it’s interesting to see what they tried. I’m not sure every video hits the mark.

But whether they are “Oscar winners” or not, you may get an idea or two for creating your own Instagram school video in the future.

I personally thought the video from “The Gap” seemed the most do-able.

But what do I know? I only viewed 9 of the 10 videos.

There is an Instragram video from “Victoria’s Secret” included in Ginny’s list – and in order to keep earning your respect and trust – I refused to watch it.

Besides, it didn’t have any people in it, anyway.

Tom Page, SCN
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