This piece of crisis communications advice is worth repeating – SCN Encourager

I don’t hear “Can you repeat that?” all that often.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.02.18 PMIn fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever quoted myself before.

But the recent Encourager highlighting last week’s MSPRA seminar on crisis communications boomeranged several requests that demanded my speedy-kwik attention.

I was so proud.

I couldn’t contain my high spirits when I emailed the respondents back to find out which particular quotable gem of mine they wanted repeated.

Even Cindy noticed my peacock-like swagger.

Sure, I crowed.

Happy to do it.

Just tell me what you want.

And tell me – they did!

They sure didn’t want a quote of mine.

They wanted a rerun of an incredibly unique tip made by seminar leader Zac Rantz.

Sure, I now cried.

Less happy to do it.

Zac Rantz, chief information officer at Nixa Public Schools in Missouri, which was selected by the National School Public Relations Association as the best school communications program in North America!But nevertheless, this crisis communications tip from Zac is worth spotlighting again.

“During a crisis, just keep reporting all of the facts that you are able to responsibly and legally share – and keep at it  3-4 times PER HOUR – even if you can only keep repeating  ‘There are no new updates to provide at this time.'”

Of course, Zac was wise to point out the value of not letting the today’s media fill up “idle air time” on their own. Who knows what they’d come up with?

But still, I couldn’t help feeling rejected somehow.

Cindy did her best to console me.

“You know, Tom,” she said. “It’s usually considered in bad taste to quote yourself.”

Her words did the trick!

I couldn’t keep from laughing.

Even after all of our years as a couple, she still believed her appeals to “bad taste” would stop me from doing something.


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