50 Shades of Grey. Money. A nudist. – SCN Encourager 10/17/2013

Yep, this headline is about as provocative as you can get.

Too bad none of us could use it in our day jobs.

It might draw greater attention to the articles we churn out about common core, our heightened standards, and the tangible transformation of our schools.

It’s unfortunate that the “headline winners” in today’s hyped-up social media, communications clutter culture are typically like the one above.

But hey, I started down this path so I might as well keep plodding along.

My wacko headline isn’t a total fabrication.

I based it on an article I found on the Huffington Post.

I originally went to the website to check out an article about school technology, and as a certified easily distracted knucklehead—I spotted a sidebar box on the right side highlighting “17 Clever Halloween Costumes.”

And over there I went in one click.  (Too much fun.)

Here are three of the 17 costumes for you.

This “50 Shades of Grey” costume makes you wonder about all of the other possibilities that could be found down at your local paint store.
50 Shades 2013-10-15 at 2.21.28 PM








The “Big Money” costume below is remarkable. Obviously, this kid and his parents didn’t pinch any pennies in creating it.

Big Money 2013-10-15 at 2.22.20 PM








And how easy is this costume? Stay in your regular clothes and wear a big sign that says “Nudist on Strike.” (This costume even works while wearing a head-to-toe “snuggie” thingie.)
Nudist 2013-10-15 at 2.22.56 PM








Here the two takeaways from today’s Encourager.

#1  Headlines are everything (sadly enough).

#2  Wise is better than clever… but ain’t clever just more fun?!?

Tom Page, SCN
carTH 10172013

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