Mission statements. They’re only words, right? – SCN Encourager

The creatives at Coke think they’re more.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 7.41.41 PMThey strive to give Coke’s mission statement “legs.”

They want it be a continual source of joy.

And dang, it sure is!

It’s amazing how they pull it off… time after time.

Obviously, Coke’s reason for existence pales in comparison to ours, as the purpose of public education stands alone in its meaning and significance.

But rarely do we come close to achieving the clarity of Coke’s mission statement:

•  To refresh the world
•  To inspire moments of optimism and happiness
•  To create value and make a difference

Coke at 8.06.36 PMCoke even asked what happens to the life of one of its bottles once it’s empty.

If you haven’t already seen this  90 second “2nd Lives” video, you’re in for a treat.

But one lucky-duck video does not a mission statement make.

If I live into my 90’s, even I might have one to brag about.

No, a true brand leader must be able to produce with consistency.

And connect emotionally with its audiences.

Coke video at 8.23.11 PMTake a look at this Coke video (also 90 seconds), which taps into the discomfort and uneasiness experienced by freshmen at their first day of college.

It’s impressive how Coke lives up to its brand promise, through creativity, collaboration, an element of risk, and a high level of fun.

Those ingredients are in our schools, too.

Marketing expert Jeff Bullas said Coke’s success is grounded in its ability to keep changing, to keep pushing the promotional envelope.

He said Coke has been traditionally viewed as a “vision brand” – high up on a lofty mega-billion dollar perch.

But that didn’t stop it from “reshaping” its position of excellence in creativity into pursuing a new excellence in content.


Bullas defines “content” in 2014 as “interesting and compelling stories.”

I was afraid it would come down to this…

A challenge for us to look at our own mission statements, how we live up to them, and how to better promote the “interesting and compelling stories” taking place all around us.

And all I wanted to do was drink a Coke and watch the ballgame.


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