8 ways to improve your presentation skills in under 4 minutes – SCN Encourager

This brief video from INC is a winner.

Much like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.








I like it because none of the 8 ways to step up your game when presenting before a group involves dieting, lying about your age, or being creative with kale at your Super Bowl party.

(Those don’t work… or so I’ve been told.)

These 8 are all pretty decent suggestions that fall in the “we both can do it” category.

Fur thermore, if you take a moment to watch the clip right after the unavoidable 30 second ad, you’ll see an overall video format that might spark an idea or two.

It did for me.

This video makes great use of still photos and concise info snippets, all wrapped into one topic and directed to a specific audience.

It doesn’t require any complicated video production.

So this is what makes this video a big winner in my estimation: good content done easily.

(Okay. I know I’m the last one who should be calling out “winners” for you, but what can I say? It just goes to show you what Detroit Lions fans must do for fun this time of year while other teams are playing for championships.)

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